Naseby House, Hall of Residence

A self catering hall of residence on King's Road, Dunwich. Home to 17 students and one member of staff, the warden Donald, who is a new lecturer in Cultural Studies. Relatiely expensive, and a good 15 minute walk from the main campus.

1988 Residents

Basement - Warden's Flat (Donald), Launderette, bathrooms, boiler room, cleaner's cupboard.

Ground floor
Ed - room 1 - 2nd year, from Farnborough,sports student.
Laura - ( 3rd year senior Student) - room 2, plays hockey and lacrosse. Verry attractive.
Kate - room 3 - 2nd year, new ager, irritable, indeed most say bitchy. Incense and her kimono her trademarks.
Frank - room 4, 2nd year from Ely, muscular, religion student. Handsome

They have the largest kitchen, and Laura's room has a en suite toilet and shower.

First Floor
Louis Clutterbuck- room 1 - mature student (back right)[Kev]
veronica Isabella Dee- room 2 (front right) [Luke]
Clovis Lockwood- room 3 - [DC] (front left)
Clare Mayfair- room 4 [Ben] (back left)

Has a kitchen and toilet.

Second Floor
The Sports student girls
Nessie- room 1 - sports student, leader of these ladies, from Macclesfield.
Evelyn- room 2 - sports student, sings along loudly to various awful bands.
- room 3
Dora - room 4 - sports student, very strong.
Liz - room 5 - sports student, friendly.

This floor has its own bathrooms and toilet as well as small kitchen.

Third Floor
The Christian Union Girls
Room 1 - Belinda, from Coventry, 2nd year Religion
Room 2 - Diane, from Aylesury, doing History/religion in 2nd year
Room 3 - Amy from Dartmouth doing geography. Very pretty. 2nd year.
Room 4 - Clare from Birmingham doing 2nd year religion.
Room 5 - Severina Harris in theory, 2nd year religion student. rarely if ever sleeps in halls though, but pays the fees.

There is a toilet at top of stairs, and a reasonable kitchen.

The Attic
Offlimits to students, and heavily locked, the door is on the front left of the third floor.

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