The Magi of Antiqua Natura, 1213 - 1226

Byron of Merenita: faerie blooded magi, purple haired and bearded dwarf who wears jester's motley in bright colours. Accompanied everwhere by Zeppy (Xephocles) a basilisc (small winged snake which transforms in to a purple cat, as in Houses of Hermes, not a deadly lizard!) _ Polly Draper

Lucius of Flambeau: an ignem specialist from Spain, who has recently become initiated in to a mystery cult _ Pete Highley

Janus of Bonisagus: obsessed with magic theory, The albino Janus spend much of his time in his lab. _ Kevin Sides

Metrodorus Constantinopolus of House Guernicus: a brilliant scholar of Hermetic Law, considered old and doddery by the other magi. Currently at Harco. _ Dave Curtin

Svetlana of Lithuania, House Bjonaer. A beautiful pagan rego specialist with a hatred of Crusaders. Her heartbeast is a Raven. She seduced King John! Svetlana has incredible abilities in ReHE animation of trees, woods and even forests! _ Peter Clark

and the younger magi...

Sebastian of Tremere, fresh from Coeris. He joined the covenant after the affair of the Fallen Angel. _ Chris Hale

Eiblin of Ex Miscellanea, a gruagach recently adopted in to the Order, met during the campaign against Dav'nalleous. Possibly the most hideous mage ever encountered. - Polly Draper

Alyssa of Bonisagus, a hermetic healer from Scotland. Specialist in herbalism and Corpus Magics_ Lloyd Graney

Marcus Cassius of Verditius. The good looking Italian has recently arrived at the covenant from Verdi. He was killed in the Ghoul of St Lazarus adventure at Brandon Bankafter his magically created armour prove less effective than he had hoped. Buried in the magi graveyard in Antiqua Natura._ Ed Woods

Rafael of Tytalus (Deceased) was never a member of the covenant but did work alongside the Magi in the affair of the Fallen Angel, being slain by a demon at the climax of tha adventure. Lies near the Red Castle in Ireland. _Lloyd Graney

William of Ex Miscellanea: A Mage Smith clad in the accoutrements of a Norman Knight _John Bull

Trajan of Tytalus: The newest mage to join the Covenant _ Ed Woods

The Companions

Baron Michael, Lord of Brandon: Sir Michael joined the covenant after rescuing Metrodorus from a watery death. Notoriously mean, he led the English army which defeated the French Invasion at the battle of Wandlebury Hill in 1216 and was made a Baron by King John. He is believed to be jinxed by the magi, and is now the longest serving companion _ Polly Draper

Marcus Blue: (deceased) Marcus was a smuggler who plyed his trade on the East Coast ports and in various criminal activities in the Fens. He was killed by Dav'nalleous in the Battle of Crun Clach. He owned a giants ring he wore as a belt which made him immune to mundane weapons, but not foul magicks! _ Pete Highley

Roger: (deceased) originally a ten year old boy who served as Marcus' sidekick. He was killed shortly after his sixteenth birthday by Dav'nalleous at the Battle of Crun Clach trying to avenge Marcus. _ Kevin Sides

Father Dagobert Offe: (exiled) this pious priest was briefly resident on Daffodil island before the magi tired of him blessing them. They wiped his memeory and dumped him through the Hermes Portal in Sardinia, where he has become a leading figure in local Church matters and concluded an alliance with Verdi to protect his villagers against Relantelli, after a nightmarish expedition to Venice. Now a devoted parish priest, with a hand in local and hermetic politics and a trading empire specialising in exports of poor quality olive oil. _ Dave Curtin

Clare: Clare is a local who had long lived the life of an outcast, possibly because she believes she is a man! She was adopted by the Magi and has served in many capacities, but most noticably her culinary skills which have featured at Tribunals, and most famously when she made a huge haggis for a dragon on the Isle of Man. She owns a faerie hedgehog which knows one recipe, Haggis of the Arc, given to her by Crun Clach for services rendered, and is also most remebered for managing to have the loyalist leader Mauleon deSavoy captured in Norwich Castle during the Baron's Uprising (while trying to assist him), killing his beloved (by mistake) and also almost slaying the Papal Legate, utterly unnecessarily. Some people have claimed Clare isn't very bright... _ Pete Clark

Gwilliam da Tupp: (deceased) a Welsh mercenary leader, who led ten loyal longbowmen. He was recruited by the Magi while they were travelling to Cad Gadu in search of information on how to defeat Dav'nalleous when they become involved in a dispute between two minor Welsh lords. He fought long and brave in the war against Davnalleous, was instrumental in saving the Magi from a Brollachan and a Diedne remnant cult and was eventually killed with all but one of his men at the final battle against Dav'nalleous in the Orcades. _ Pete Highley

Michael the Alchemist: a Polish alchemist who joined the magi and discovered that he had a natural talent for combat. His brawling is legendary amongst the grogs, though the Magi scoff and just say he is incredibly lucky! He collects samples of absolutely everything, to aid in his researches. He fought in the war against Dav'nalleous, and the one one thing no one has ever actually seen him do is perform any act of alchemy! Was trapped in a faeirie regio for a year and a day beneath a mere at Rymer Point, Suffolk after messing up use of a gift granted by Eiblin. _ Dave Curtin

Daffodil: another female basilisc, not allowed on the island lest she upset Zeppy. She is bright yellow with a patch of black fur on her chest. She lives on Daffodil Island, and is friends with Clare who rescued her from Libellas. _ CJ

Egbert of Glastonbury: A scholar who has been cursed by Faeries and who turns in to a werewof in faerie auras. Becameknown as Egbert the Erotic Dancer after the affair in Pasaquine, Provencal Tribunal. Egbert is a cartographer who is deeply indebted to Simon the One Handed._ Ed Woods

Huw the Dangerous (deceased): A giant blooded brother of Gwilliam. Met his death in Lise' Regio in the wods west of Pasaquine when he fell down a deep shaft to his death, destroying the giant's ring in the process. _ Pete Highley

Willow & his Monkey (exiled): Willow was a thief recruited by Sebastian for his trading trip to the Rome Tribunal. He never made it back, having stolen from Sebastian, been handed over to local justice and having botched his attempted gaol break. He was however saved by Father Dagobert Offe who recruited him for his unique talents, though Sebastian only realised this as his ship left hrbour for Genoa. -Pete Highley

Simon the One Handed: A merchant of incredible wealth with a silver tongue, based out of London. _ Chris Hale.