• 1. What is your present age in years?

  • 2. Gender:


  • 3. Which country do you live in?

  • 4. How many years is it since you experienced the activity? If it was less than a year ago please indicate the time in months, weeks or days

  • 5. Have you ever lived in a haunted house or worked in a haunted location where you experienced things yourself?

    If yes please describe what you experienced below in detail.

    If not already mentioned in the description of your experience, please answer the following questions:

  • 5.1 Where were you? Where did activity tend to occur in this building?

  • 5.2 When did the activity occur and how long did it last altogether? Did activity tend to occur at a particular time?

  • 5.3 What were you usually doing at the time when activity occurred?

  • 5.4 While this activity was occurring did you also see a ghost in the same location?

  • 5.5 If you saw a ghost did you recognise them?

    If yes, who were they and what were they doing at the time?

  • 5.6 Did you ever see the ghost before the activity started or did the ghost appear after the activity had stopped?

  • 5.7 At the time this activity was occurring did you see a ghost in any other locations other than where the activity occured?

  • 5.8 Was anybody else with you when any of these things occurred?

    If yes, who were they and did they also witness any of the activity?

  • 5.9 Were there any other witnesses to any activity when you were not present?

  • 5.10 Have attempts been made to find an ordinary explanation for any of the activity?
    For example, is there reason to believe that someone was playing a prank, that noises could it be due to a building settling, rodents, or similar causes?

  • 6. It will be helpful if you can provide an email address so that I can contact you if I need to clarify any of your responses. Your email will not be passed on to any other person and will be deleted immediately after I have recorded your responses. If you do not wish to give your email you can not do so.

  • 7. How did you hear about this research?