Roleplaying and LARP Games


Hi there. If you are here you probably know what a roleplaying game is, or at least are vaguely aware that it's all fictional fun. Good, cos otherwise you might think I was nuts!

The links on this page lead to a number of different games I have run, divided in to rpg - tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, andLive Games - where the players dress up and act out the roles like a murder myster only a little more sophisticated.

RPG Games

Well, first up is my Ars Magica saga, Antiqua Natura. I recently co authored The Mysteries Revised Edition for this game in it's excellent 5th edition.

Some notes on the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, including my thoughts on the Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign. I wrote the Parapsychologist's Handbook monograph for this game, and have been a huge fan since the early 80's.

I will shortly be updating the page to contain material realted to two recent campaigns - The Pavis RuneQuest game and the HeroQuest Wintetop Exile game Gloranthan games.

Some notes on (fictional) Dunwich, UK, 1988 for my current NWOD Mage roleplaying game.This is set during Thatcherite Britain, and was originally intended to be an NWOD Vampire game, but based on player actions, and it went Mage!

parapsychologist's handbook

Live & Freeform Games

Last Flight of the Albatross ran at Fallcon 2001 & Conjuration Cambridge UK 2003. This links leads to the game advert I wrote and some background material for this 12 to 14 player short larp.

I also wrote the lighthearted LARP Boots for the Glory of Russia, and ran the epic Cassandra 23 Cthulhu Live campaign as well as running many other freeforms and larps over the years....


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Last updated: 20 thSeptember 2006. - the second update in six years!