Update History

15/02/02 Added some photographs of the Somerset Levels by Ed to the 'Here Be Arthur' part one section. Updated the magi and companions.

14/02/02 Put the Prologue to the saga on the site, which may interest players... it was written six months before game started.

9/2/02 added Here Be Arthur, part one, on the area around Glastonbury in Somerset in the 13th Century. By Ed Woods, aka Egbert of Glastonbury.

20/12/01 added The Library, with details of all the books possessed by the Magi...

19/12/01 Updated site with Lucius' Log, detailing second part of the story of the magi. By Pete Hiley, aka Lucius of Flambeau.

15/12/01 added Here be Dragons part one (On Dragons) and part two (on ghosts and monks), articles I wrote for the Ars Magica mailing list on East Anglian Folklore in the game. Also added part four on East Anglian Saints and part four, on the life of St. Edmund.

13/12/01 added a link to Pubs2000 the Gloucestershire Pubs Directory which hosts my site and it's chat room, where I can often be found.

12/12/01 added a section on monastic life. Detailed the magi and companions.

6/12/01 CJ creates Antiqua Natura Site, inspired by the works of Neil, Sheila and of course David Chart. It is designed as a place for random CJ jottings on his Ars Magica Saga and stuff related to the Stonehenge Tribunal. Primarily a vanity site and resource for his players, but maybe you can find something of interest within!